TF is committed to developing in a sustainable way. To achieve this, it has the support of its staff, all of whom contribute their own dedication, energy and enthusiasm. But it can also count on the long-term involvement of its shareholder, the Poujoulat Group, as well as on a solid organisation and a strong network of regional and national partners.

Tolerie Forezienne is a “human-sized” SME driven by innovation.

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/ International Group

The Poujoulat group is the European leader in metal chimney flue systems; TF is one of its subsidiaries. Providing a guarantee for the stability of the company, the group also gives TF greater purchasing weight when negotiating for materials. In a more transverse way, TF benefits from the expertise in communication, technological intelligence, HR, etc. Being a member of the Poujoulat group is a key strength for TF, and an advantage for its clients.

/ Expertise

TF’s knowledge is based not only on its technical expertise, but also on its global understanding of the universe in which it operates.


Firstly, TF is an expert in transforming metals and in combining them with multiple materials such as wood, fabric, ceramic and more. This expertise also comprises advice on possible materials, textures and finishings. In addition, over the years TF has acquired a broad expertise in the scope of each brand.
Regarding the urban space, TF URBAN masters not only the normative aspects, but also aims to enhance the value of public spaces, especially locations where urban furniture is installed. In displays and signs, TF SIGNAL has an excellent understanding of the various clients and their expectations.
Starting from a common objective, communicating to the public, there are multiple solutions, from the simplest strip, through a customised furniture, to a connected panel. The sales team fully supports clients in making their choices.
Finally, with TF CREATION, the company offers confidence and peace of mind to the “creative” in charge of the project.


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/ R & D

The RDI Service (Research, Development & Innovation) studies both client projects and the company’s own products.


The multidisciplinary team masters a large range of processes and technologies that are practiced within the company or at our partners. It gives particular attention to monitoring developments that could lead to testing of new materials or technologies.

Defining requirements

When a new project is started, the RDI service defines the requirements, expectations and context with the client.

Design and modelling

The team researches the most suitable solutions to meet the project requirements. It then kicks off the design stage, in which the entire project is modelled in 3D. With this step complete, the production drawings are created.


The team creates a full-size prototype that is used to verify or potentially to optimise the technical choices defined during the study. With its dedicated studio, the RDI service can ensure a faster response time.

/ Studio TF

The TF studio is made up of three people, each of whom contributes his own expertise and perspective.

The team’s mission within the company is to propose pre-projects that respond to a brief, integrating a careful reflection on the design, including use, functions, look and ergonomics. The studio also collaborates with many international designers on various products such as furniture, architecture and signage.

/ Commitment

The company is committed to meeting its environmental responsibility, acting within a process of continuous improvement that is evaluated through ISO 14001.


Each year, TF reduces the environmental impact of its products and processes. In 2014, for example, it reduced its lighting electricity consumption by two-thirds.
TF bases its management approach on the Kaizen philosophy, in which each employee can participate with contributions and ideas for advancing company.
This approach, initiated in 2014, put the company on the path to real continuous improvement, where all employees can thrive and achieve.
Finally through TF urban, TF signal and TF création, the company seeks to contribute to the improvement of our living environments, making them friendlier and thus promoting “better living together”.

/ Team


  • Christallien SARPENDON
    Christallien SARPENDONMethod technician
    • Coralie LLAMAS
      Coralie LLAMASPurchasing agent
      • Cyril RIVAL
        Cyril RIVALAdministrative and Financial Manager
        • Emmanuel FERLAY
          Emmanuel FERLAYEstimator Project Manager
          • Herve CARRET
            Herve CARRETPurchasing agent
            • Joel LEMOINE
              Joel LEMOINEManaging Director
              • Laurence FERDI
                Laurence FERDIExecutive Assistant
                • Marilyne MILLET
                  Marilyne MILLETHuman Resources Assistant
                  • Mikael RIGAUDON
                    Mikael RIGAUDONTechnical Manager (RDI)
                    • Olivier GAILLARD
                      Olivier GAILLARDProduction Manager
                      • Patrick Bourge
                        Patrick BourgeResearch and Development Department
                        • Philippe ROUSSET
                          Philippe ROUSSETSales Director
                          • Sylvie HERNANDEZ
                            Sylvie HERNANDEZAccountant
                            • Thierry WACHOWIAK
                              Thierry WACHOWIAKSales Engineer



                                / Studio TF

                                Mickael RIGAUDON
                                Born in 1977 in Montbrison, Mikaël Rigaudon studied iron forging and chose to focus on the industrial domain. In 1996, following a training in ornamental iron working, he won the WorldSkills Competition in the under-25 Youth category.
                                Thanks to his skill in combining his artistic sensibility with his mastery of industrial techniques, he quickly became a “guarantor” of quality in the development of new products within TF.
                                After carrying out numerous projects in collaboration with international designers, he is now developing his own line of outdoor furniture. In 2010-2011, he was made Technical Manager and integrated into the RDI team.

                                Frédéric LAPEYRE
                                Frédéric was born in Rennes in 1983. Passionate about both beautiful objects and product development, following his mechanical engineering studies he decided to specialise in Design and Marketing. With his naturally open nature, Frédéric has worked in a number of different industries, including automotive, sport and marine industry. He joined TF in 2014 to lead the RDI unit. He works on the strategic development of the TF product offer, the development of product ranges and the development of new technologies.

                                Pierre-Simon BOUIX
                                Pierre-Simon Bouix was born in Marseille in 1982. He studied product design in Strasbourg and naturally gravitated towards the industrial domain through his contacts.For several years, he frequently collaborated with companies in this sector. Today, he works as an internal designer in TF as well as freelancing.
                                He is active in various areas, including urban furniture, signage, industrial products and even indoor furniture.
                                For Pierre-Simon, design must be an unexpected yet pragmatic response that is in-line with the universe in which it operates. It must always be on the edge between creativity and technology
                                Through his approach, he questions objects, their archetypes and the relationships we have with them.