Modules Signalétique hauteur 1500

Modular Sign Holder H1500

Modular signpost holder H 1500 width 716

With this urban furniture, not only can the city’s businesses and shops be indicated, but its points of interest as well, in a harmonious and elegant way.
It can be offered within an agreement for urban furniture to municipalities, so that it is not an expense for them.
The product gives a visual impression of quality and originality, which is valuable not only for the municipality but for businesses and stores that are indicated on it. This aesthetic aspect is a very positive argument for convincing all stakeholders.
At the same time, neither the technical not the functional aspects were neglected: installation is easy, the replacement of bars is very simple. Made of steel, the product is strong and the risk of theft is very low.



  • Fast mounting and updating of advertisements


  • Galvanised steel structure


  • RAL colour choice


  • Sign strips or Totem
  • Different heights




  • Customisable dimensions

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In the process of designing and manufacturing street furniture-cum-signage,
TF offers an wide scope of possibilities
– implement various materials through both traditional and ultra contemporary techniques. In the end, TF work closely with different designer, respecting their creative vision and thus contributing to the overall success of their products.