Borne Station de recharge pour téléphone portable
Borne Station de recharge pour téléphone portable. Gamme mobilier urbain connectéBorne Station de recharge pour téléphone portable. Gamme mobilier urbain connecté

Solar Stick

Solar Powered Charging Point for Urban spaces

The charging Station Solar Stick is a sun powered station for mobile devices. It is part of our digital street furniture designed for outdoor urban areas. The solar stick includes 4 solar panels on each side to capture natural light wherever the spot is and a Lithium batterie that makes it autonomous on cloudy days and at night. Solar Stick includes two USB sockets to charge mobile devices, and 2 mobile phone supports. The sun powered Solar Stick is ideal for outside waiting zones such as bus or open-air train stations, or other outdoor waiting spaces such as exhibition, open-sky concert, festival… This station is customisable with :

  • Safety urban lighting
  • directional signage
  • 1 to 3 seats
  • 1 Sit stand seat
  • 1 Shade sail
  • 1 to 2 work surface
  • 1 urban ashtray

The fixation of this charging stick is quick with only 4 attachment points or with a self-stable system. That makes it be a nomadic charging station.

Solar Stick is covered with a corrosion resistant epoxy paint among 220 RAL colours. It is manufactured with stainless steel.  Its weight is minimum 170kg depending on the customisable dimensions.



  • Steel


  • Laser cutting
  • Folding
  • Wedding


  • A corrosion resistant epoxy paint with 220 RAL colour scale


2 solutions

  • 4 points of fixation
  • Baseplate


Solar Stick Station

  • Height: customisable
  • Lenght: customisable
  • Weight:  Minimum 170kg + options

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