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Line Bench

Line Bench by Lucile Soufflet

A design metal bench with several possible configurations for public spaces

From the Circular Bench range, the Line Bench offers you benches and seats in straight shapes with or without backrest. Available in more than 230 colors, you can imagine your public spaces with this bench that will bring modernism and lightness. The backless urban bench placed in the centre of a square or park allows users to see from side to side. Designer: Lucine Souflet.

From 1 700€HT – length 1,8m


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Caractéristiques techniques


  • Acier


  • Découpe laser
  • Soudure


  • Traitement primaire anti-corrosion sans zinc


Selon chaque cas, une solution appropriée :

  • Sol mou (terre – gazon – etc.) Piquet d’ancrage de chez “RISS” – Modèle breveté, Réf 9621 VLOT Diam. 18 Long. 300 Tête Hexagonale taraudée M8
  • Sol dur (béton – bitume) Fixation par cheville standard (Type SPIT ou autre)

Dimensions Line Bench

Line Bench

  • Length: A partir de 1800 mm
  • Heigth: 430 mm

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