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Digital Connected Urban Bench

The Nomad project is the result of research into new uses in the urban area, particularly in terms of mobility (short-term needs about 5/30 min). The main goal of TF Urban was to offer a range of furniture designed for high traffic areas (station forecourt, exhibition halls, shopping centers, universities, etc.). Users can rest, work, or even having a snack on one of the furniture while using a “connected” function of the furniture (phone charging, lighting …)

The concept is based on a standard element: the structural tube with an induction charger and USB plugs powered by a solar panel. Seats are fitted to form a seat, a loveseat, a saddle, an ischial support and a work table.

Thanks to the use of solar energy, Nomad wants to be a connected and an autonomous furniture, meeting the growing needs of recharging our smartphones. The XL model acts like a “solar hub”, it receives and stores the solar energy in order to distribute it to the other furniture of the range.

The comfort was also worked by proposing all the seats and trays in Solid Surface, giving them a very pleasant touch as well as a very good thermal insulation and a great ease of cleaning.

Thanks to its modularity, the Nomad range is obviously scalable and customizable according to your needs.

100% Made in France Manufacturing

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  • Steel
  • Solid Surface


  • Laser cutting
  • Folding
  • Welding
  • Mechanical assembly


  • Anti-corrosion primer and finishing
  • Powder paint

Photovoltaic / Reloading (optional)

  • 1 Photovoltaic panel 1500 x 675 mm
  • 1 Battery 12v / 220 amp/h
  • QI inductive charger (induction pour smartphone)
  • 2 to 4 USB plug (smartphones / tablettes) per unit


XL model

  • Lenght :1547mm
  • Width : 1065 mm
  • Total height (with PV panel) : 3225 mm
  • Weight : 350kg

L model

  • Lenght : 1060mm
  • Width : 650 mm
  • Total height : 1320 mm
  • Weight : 92kg

M model

  • Lenght : 880mm
  • Width : 420 mm
  • Total height : 1120 mm
  • Width : 52kg

S model

  • Lenght : 650mm
  • Width : 725 mm
  • Total height : 770 mm
  • Weight : 54kg

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