La vogue

Wooden and steel urban deckchair

Wooden and steel urban deckchair

Playful urban furniture designed to bring comfort and attractiveness to neighborhoods. La Vogue deckchair is freely inspired by fairground rides. An innovative and differentiating approach for citizens and public spaces, designed by Jean Couvreur.

“La Vogue” is a french word that refers to the popular funfair in the Auvergne-Rhône Alpes region (where this furniture is developed and manufactured).

Designed like a bumper car, the shape of the deckchair is enveloping and rounded, like a lounge chair. The seat is warm and can accommodate 2 people, in a lounge position.

Under its pure and simple appearance, the implementation of this deckchair is high quality of design and manufacturing. The  seat is made of wooden slats, the structure is made of steel. It offers a maximum of comfort and lets the rainwater run off. The central part of the deckchair is retractable thanks to a totally invisible mechanism. This option facilitates the docking of the furniture on the ground and its maintenance.

Several deckchairs can be arranged in a circle to reproduce the ride’s track while offering different views of their surroundings.


La Vogue deckchair – steel and wood – Design by Jean Couvreur

Technical features


  • Steel
  • Natural wood : robinia from France


  • Laser cutting
  • Folding
  • Welding
  • Assembling


  • Steel : Epoxy polyurethane paint
  • Oiled wood / Raw wood


  • Freestanding furniture on ajustable feet
  • Can be fixed to the floor with a standard dowel or chemical sealant


La Vogue

  • Lenght : 1343 mm
  • Depth : 1174 mm
  • Height : 725 mm
  • Seat height : 390 mm
  • Weight : 102 Kg

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Jean Couvreur

The STUDIO JEAN COUVREUR helps companies and institutions in their product and space design operations. Jean Couvreur is a designer, graduate of Paris ENSCI les Ateliers. He works for many organizations, on projects of different scales and teaches design at L’École Bleue. Through a simple and elementary drawing, his approach tries to reveal the essence of the objects that surround us.

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