Table pique-nique Le Banquet. Gamme INSIDE-OUT. Design by Robert Stadler

The Banquet

Friendly and connected pique-nique

More than a simple piece of furniture, Le Banquet plays with the spatial notions of inside/outside. It proposes a convivial meeting place in the vast open spaces of an esplanade like La Défense. It underlines and enhances a daily meeting situation, naturally adopted by users.

Wooden tables and benches cross the tubular steel structure in such a way as to emphasize their great length. One part is partially shaded, while the other is in the sun; this double exposure favors the exchange between users who may prefer the sunny side to the other and vice versa. A  perforated sheet metal screen offers a backrest, a protection against the wind, and gives the space some intimacy. 6 USB plugs powered by a solar panel allow to recharge the batteries in all tranquility.

100% Made in France. The INSIDE-OUT range signed by the designer Robert Stadler has been designed for the 4th edition of Forme Publique, the Urban Furniture Biennial organized by Nez Haut in La Défense, Paris. This range includes 3 pieces of furniture for work, lunch and relaxation: The Banquet, Double Sided and Flying Carpet. This district, built in the 1960s, is the largest business district in Europe with 200,000 people coming to work every day. Each of the 3 candidates selected for this competition had to partner with a manufacturer, capable of producing the furniture on an industrial scale.

Technical features


  • Steel
  • Wood


  • Laser cutting
  • Folding
  • Welding
  • Assembling


  • Epoxy paint
  • Wood sturator


  • Hard ground (concrete – bitumen)
    Mandatory fixing to the ground by standard anchor or chemical sealing


pique-nique table Le Banquet

  • Length : 6 498mm
  • Width : 2 655 mm
  • Height : 2 788 mm
  • Weight : 1 080 Kg

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