Distributeur Gel Hydroalcoolique sans contactDistributeur Gel Hydroalcoolique à pied sans contact avec les mainsDistributeur Gel Hydroalcoolique sur pied sans contact avec les mainsDistributeur Gel Hydroalcoolique à pied sans contact avec les mainsfree stand Hand sanitizer dispensercontactless hand sanitizer dispenser

No touch Hydroalcoholic Gel Dispenser

No contact Hydroalcoholic Gel Dispenser

GELSOURCE is our free standing and no touch hydoalcoholic gel dispenser. It helps you block the virus from entering your premises, provide security to your visitors, employees and customers.

Easy and mobile installation: self-stand dispenser without nail, screw, batteries or electricity.
Mechanical use without contact. The gel dispenser is activated with the foot.
Easy maintenance: simple and efficient change of bottles of hydroalcoholic solutions from 500ml to one liter.
Vandalism protection: A lock on the dispenser to prevent free access to the bottle.
Materials :
Galvanized steel from 180 euros net of tax
Brushed stainless steel from 220 euros net of tax

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Technical Features


  • From 180 euros
  • From 220 euros


  • Laser Cutting
  • Folding
  • Welding


Galvanized steel + Epoxy Painting gray 7016 or white 9010

Stainless Steel


No Installation: Free standing sanitizer dispenser


No Touch Soap Dispenser

  • Height: 1002mm
  • Width: 350mm
  • Weght:  17kg

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