Art, design and nature come together at the heart of Rome

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Art, design and nature come together at the heart of Rome

Urban furniture
/ 5 January 2024

What if we took you on a journey where art, design and nature meet at the heart of Rome ?

The Cabins Festival at the Villa Medici in Rome opens its second edition on May 24, 2023.

On this occasion, our team collaborated with Studio Aurel Design Urbain to present the project “Tutto Sesto,” featuring barriers for contemplating the gardens of the villa. An effective yet non-intrusive system that accompanies visitors in their exploration of the area by offering them the opportunity to sit in the shade of tall pine trees. The project, characterized by flowing curves, draws inspiration from the Renaissance architecture’s moldings.

Tutto Sesto” engages in a formal dialogue with its surroundings, never restricting the view towards the gardens and the Villa Medici. The installation aims to guide the movement of visitors through the gardens without encroaching on its environment.

Designer : Aurel Design Urbain

Manufacturing : TF URBAN

Construction materials : laser cut steel and aluminium, painted finish

Year : 2023

Setting : TF URBAN & Novacité



Cabins Festival at the Villa Medici – 2nd edition: May 24 – October 1, 2023: Explore the architectural installations in the gardens and participate in the program of activities.


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