Circular Bench at the heart of Mulhouse

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Circular Bench at the heart of Mulhouse

Urban furniture
/ 31 January 2014
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This new bench commissioned by Mutabilis for the city of Mulhouse was installed at the end of August 2013. It extends 25 metres within the Place de la Réunion, in the heart of the downtown area.
Its curving form offers many seats with different viewpoints of this historic square, the city hall with its trompe l’oeil-decorated façade, and the Protestant St. Stephen’s Church, whose 100-metre tall spire makes it the tallest Protestant building in France
As part of the Mulhouse Grand Centre project, the municipality set up a city walk punctuated with renewed and enhanced public spaces. It offers a link between the past (heritage, museums), the present (shopping and nightlife) and the future, evolving places.
In this way, TF showcases its ambition to develop new urban furniture that is harmonious and functional, and that contributes to the attractiveness of the urban spaces. The items of furniture become strong identity elements, reflecting the energy of the city in which they are installed.

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