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Teaming up for upcycled urban furniture manufacturing

Urban furniture
/ 5 January 2024

TF URBAN teams up with Atelier Emmaüs and studio Aurel design urbain to co-create 2 collections of professional urban upcycled furniture

a committed approach

The three actors have adopted a regenerative approach to contribute to creating a more sustainable, balanced, and environmentally friendly economic system.

The manufacturing of these collections implements a strategy that incorporates reclaimed materials, revealing their initial brilliance and giving them a second life. From the specifications, the use of reclaimed materials was decided: oak parquet floorboards from sports facilities were chosen and diverted from disposal. This initiative aims to create aesthetically appealing pieces while breathing new life into noble materials that were destined to be discarded.

The two furniture collections symbolize a commitment to a society that promotes inclusion and respects the environment by adopting more virtuous and sustainable manufacturing methods, while also having a positive impact on society. This project provides employment opportunities for individuals in vulnerable situations.

Teaming up

Design & creation

studio Aurel design urbain

The Studio Aurel Design Urbain has conceived two collections with a minimalist design, aiming to unveil the beauty of reclaimed materials. The design creation provides a framework for the exceptionally high-quality upcycled wood, utilizing steel as a structure to embrace the oak and restore its precious appearance.

Reuse and transforming wood

Atelier Emmaüs

After identifying and sorting reclaimed materials, the artisan-learners at Atelier Emmaüs transform the wood diverted from disposal in the woodworking workshop. The social and solidarity project highlights and values the men and women who contribute to the manufacturing process.

Industrialising and transforming steel


The TF Lab finalizes the design of the seating created by Studio Aurel Design Urbain and ensures its technical feasibility. The team produces the plans and develops the prototypes. In the workshop of this expert in the sublimation of metal, the steel sheet is transformed into a sturdy and graceful structure that accommodates the cushions and backrests made from upcycled wood.

environnemental and social impact

20 furnitures equal a social contribution
upcycled urban furniture equals waste avoided

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